There are lots of signs your air compressor needs service — it’s dripping oil, it’s smoking, it’s noisier than usual, etc. Those are obvious. But there are times when your compressor needs service and it’s not as obvious. Here are a few:

Run-time or calendar

Consider run-time as part of your preventive maintenance. We recommend annually or every 2,000 hours, whichever comes first.


Extreme weather can cause big problems to your air compressor, either when it’s too hot or too cold. One tip for hot weather: try power washing your air compressor.

Plant conditions

Dirty, dusty, and other poor environmental conditions can cause issues with your air compressor. For these environments, we recommend more frequent service.

Higher costs and energy

Another good time to get service or an audit is when you notice higher-than-expected energy bills. You may even think you need a new compressor when in actuality, you need to determine what’s wrong with your current setup. Easy ways to determine include an air demand analysis, leak audit, or other analysis to investigate the culprit.

Contact us for service

At Compressed Air Technologies, we provide maintenance and audits before your air compressor becomes an emergency. Our technicians have a combined 60+ years of experience taking care of air compressors. And we service locations across the tri-state area: Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

We even have 24/7 service for emergencies. (We just hope it doesn’t come to that!)