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We have a wide variety of previously owned air compressors, blowers, dryers, vacuums, and pumps. All previously owned equipment is cleaned and comes with a 30-day guarantee. Contact us for pricing, equipment availability, and to determine which option is right for your facility.

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Air compressors

Atlas Copco

atlas copco

Atlas Copco GA-37 (50HP)

Year: 1993 YR
Run hours: 122,518

atlas copco ga 37

Atlas Copco GA-37 (50HP)

Year: 1993
Run hours: 115,446


champion equipment

Champion Duplex 10HP x2

Service date: 9-1-18


ingersoll-rand ep 400

Ingersoll-Rand EP 40 SE 40HP 125PSI

Year: 1999
Run hours: Approximately 30,000 (controller has been changed)
Service date: 11-9-18

ingersoll-rand ep 25

Ingersoll-Rand EP-25

Year: 1999

ingersoll-rand hp 50

Ingersoll-Rand HP 50 150PSI

Year: 2005
Run hours: 30193
Service date: 3-2-18

ingersoll-rand ssr

Ingersoll-Rand EP25SE unit 125PSI


quincy used equipment

Quincy QST 30HP

Run hours: 36,734


Quincy QST-25HP

Run hours: 31,124
Service date: 3-13-20 @ 30,917

LeRoi and Sullair

la roi

LeRoi 150HP

Year: 1992
Run hours: Unknown


Sullair 16B-75H (75 HP ) 125PSI

Run hours: Unknown
Service date: 1-16-20 @ 12,761

Dryers, vacuums, pumps, and blowers


Ingersoll-Rand TM-200 air dryer

Year: 1999

ingersoll-rand 3000

Ingersoll-Rand 3000 pump 25HP 230/460 volt

Service date: 5-7-18

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