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Pumps, Blowers, Dryers, Vacuums, Pumps, and Nitrogen Generator Systems

Variety of equipment

At Compressed Air Technologies, we have a variety of equipment, including blowers, vacuums, pumps, dryers, and nitrogen generator systems. More than that, we also have a huge stock of parts and accessories to keep your facility moving. Let us help you get the right equipment.

Why Kaeser and Compressed Air Technologies?

Available 24/7
Quality, reliability, durability
Save money on energy efficiency
Delivered from the manufacturer
Local service and maintenance

About Kaeser for vacuums, pumps, blowers, and dryers

Kaeser is known for quality, reliability, and energy efficiency. That’s why we carry the Kaeser line for blowers, dryers, vacuums, pumps, and more.

kaeser vacuum
kaeser blowers
kaeser blower
blower from kaeser

Tested and serviced equipment for purchase and rental

See our used and rental equipment available.

Your facility needs to be up and running with reliability. Our dryers, blowers, vacuums, and pumps can help with that dependability. That’s why we use Kaeser.

Let us help you keep your facility running