Air Audits/ADA

The right solution for the application

Both new and existing facilities can benefit from a complete application and system analysis. Once actual demand and usage requirements have been determined through our exclusive Air Demand Analysis (ADA) program, the system can be designed and installed to achieve maximum efficiency. The Kaeser Energy Saving System (KESS) helps illustrate options and choices in design, and provides an accurate assessment of potential productivity gains.

Reducing energy costs

Given that energy costs to operate a compressed air system can total upwards of 70% of overall costs, reductions in power consumption can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Studies estimate the energy-saving potential of many air systems at up to 30 percent. Today's comprehensive system controllers can achieve up to two thirds of this potential.

Kaeser's recently introduced Sigma Air Manager offers a distinct advantage. It can control up to 16 compressors by communicating via a data bus to coordinate their load/idle performance and optimize energy efficiency. Sigma Air Manager's demand-related pressure band control maintains the lowest possible system pressure to ± 2 psig. Avoiding overpressurization provides significant energy savings and helps reduce leakage losses.

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