Kaeser Non-Cycling Refridgerated Dryers

Kaeser's H series dryers are hot gas by-pass valve-controlled for reliable performance – even when operating under high ambient temperatures and harsh environmental conditions. Constructed from high-quality, industrial materials for a long service life, these dryers offer a very low pressure drop. Our proven stainless-steel heat exchanger technology maximizes performance and consistently produces dewpoints as low as 35ºF. Integrated automatic drain traps quickly and automatically remove condensate for optimum dryer performance, and the reduced footprint minimizes space requirements.

Kaeser Secotec Refridgerated Dryer

Compressed air contains water vapor. As this air travels through compressed air piping it cools and the vapor condenses into liquid condensate. This condensate increases maintenance requirements and affects product quality.

Kaeser Secotec® dryers condense and remove moisture before it attacks your system. These reliable dryers feature the energy saving Secotec cycling control. Secotec dryers operate the refrigerant compressor only when necessary by using a thermal storage medium. The refrigerant compressor cools the medium to a predetermined temperature and then cuts off, allowing the medium to cool the air and condense the water vapor.

Kaeser Energy Saving Refridgerated Dryers

Kaeser's Energy-saving Dryer series offers a choice of two control options to suit your application. The Dual Control models are perfect for systems with varying air demands, while the Demand Manager models efficiently handle systems with a constant air demand.

Kaeser Heatless Regenerated Desiccant Dryers

Kaeser Adsorptive Desiccant dryers (KAD Series) employ a heatless regenerative design to produce pressure dewpoints as low as -100°F. Solid-state controls with adjustable cycle timers allow KAD Series dryers to be easily adapted to user requirements. The optional purge saver control dramatically increases efficiency at reduced flows, and includes active tower lights and a switching failure alarm.

KAD dryers are ideally suited for moisture sensitive applications such as electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing and brewing.

Kaeser Blower Purge Dryers

Kaeser Blower Purge (KBD) Dryers are heated regenerative desiccant dryers that produce dewpoints as low as -40°F. Using activated alumina and large, specifically designed desiccant beds, these dryers cycle air through twin towers and alternately drying the air via adsorption and regenerating the "wet" desiccant. KBD dryers provide the greatest energy savings by introducing atomospheric air and heating it for regenerating the desiccant. The heated air has a higher capacity for adsorbing water and provides more effective regeneraion while also eliminating the need to use costly compressed air.

Kaeser Membrane Dryers

The Kaeser Modular Membrane Dryer (KMM) produces pressure dewpoints to -40°F. It is perfect for small to medium compressed air systems. KMM's do not require electricity or cooling water, which simplifies installation even in existing systems. They are particularly effective in reaching low pressure dewpoints when used with a refrigerated dryer and installed at the point of use.

Kaeser Breathing Air Systems

The Kaeser Breathing Air System (KBS) is a complete purification system. It is designed to remove contaminants such as moisture, solid particles, oil or oil vapors, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from normal compressed air. The KBS meets all quality requirements and international standards such as OSHA, CSA, ISO 12021 and DIN 3188.

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